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John De Hart - Attorney At Law - (323) 644-5500


   " I highly recommend John De Hart, he helped me obtain $1, 000, 000.00
in real estate out of a Probate Case in LA."

Melges Hayes



"I am a senior citizen. One of my relatives tried to cheat me out of my home in a civil lawsuit. John stepped in and I won. John knows Real Estate Law."
Dorothy Jackson



    "John helped me with my divorce. It went quick and smooth. Then he prepared a 'Living Trust' for my Dad when he won the lottery."
Joe N



    "My child was tied up in a Dependency Court Case and John protected my custody rights."
Mario Beltrans



    "I was charged with three serious criminal charges, in one year's time. I know others have done prison time for the same charges. I got none."
Joey T



"John handled my Divorce and Custody Case and since then has helped a number of my friends and family with their legal problems."
Daniel Diaz



    "John stepped in and defended me in a Civil Trial with only one days notice, and we won!"
Odell C



    "John won me $300, 000.00 in a Probate Court in San Bernadino with only a Will handwritten on a note pad, Wow!"
Ray Ortiz



    "John negotiated a settlement for me in a Civil Lawsuit. He's Super!"
Fidel Medina



"My landlord tried to evict me and and my three children 5 times. Each time John defended me we won. These were lengthy trials."
Federica Velez



"A person that had once been a friend sued me for fraud in Civil Court. He said I defrauded him out of his home. John represented me in the case and won at Trial. He saved my $500, 000.00 house."
Bobby B



    "My landlord hired a law office with more than 20 attorneys to try to evict me and my children from our home of 11 years in San Pedro. The court battle lasted for a number of days. John successfully defended me at trial. He's the Greatest!"
Carolyn Hunter



    "When I was only 18 years old John got me $136, 000.00 from a Probate Case, and later won a Civil Lawsuit for me. I highly recommend John."
Ronji Brown



    "John got my case dismissed when the landlord tried to evict me for no good reason."
Antoinette Turner



    "My wife and I own several rental units. John is our Eviction Lawyer and we recommend him to you."
Edgar and Lara



    "Predatorial Real Estate Investors fraudulently took my elderly mother's real estate. We had a Civil Lawsuit, went to trial, and John won. I got the house back."
Roger Norman


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